GIOS. Men´s group


GIOS. Men´s group

GIOS is our men´s group that meet every fortnight.

GIOS is an acronym that stands for “God Is Our Strength”

Our vision is to take men to a new level in their walk with God. Part of this process is to acknowledge that there are issues for men which are not easy to talk about, not even among men.

We understand that men are facing numerous pressures in many areas of their lives on a daily basis, and the reality is that men are often abandoning their faith.

We see all men from GFCh experiencing spiritual growth, overcoming life’s challenges, knowing the will of God for their lives and those around them, and experiencing greater passion for our Lord. We aim to inspire men to also become God’s instruments as mentors of younger men.

Our vision is to equip men with tools and resources to become men of integrity and vision, faithful men towards God, their family and the Church. To be united in prayer, ministry, fellowship and accountability and to become like a magnet, bringing other men into a personal relationship with God.