AGAPE. Women´s group


AGAPE. Women´s group

Agape is our women’s group for all ages that meets weekly.


AGAPE is an acrostic that stands for

A = agape love

G = grace

A = acceptance

P = persistence

E = edification


Our vision is that every woman will have a personal, intimate relationship with Christ.

We meet every Thursday at 10am in the church for bible study, prayer and fellowship! These are sessions where we explore the Bible in depth, looking at the meanings/context behind the text, how to apply what we have learnt to our lives today, and to spend time in prayer together.

On the third Saturday of every month, we have a special ladies meeting from 4-6pm, also at the church. This is a much more relaxed get-together aimed at strengthening connections, building a sense of community and providing a more informal and relaxed environment for new or non-Christians. The get-togethers feature games, art and craft, encouraging messages, music, food and lots of laughter!